• Opening

14:30 - 16:30

  • Refreshment break, networking, meeting with speakers
  • Guided tour of the ČSOB building – registration required I want to join the tour


  • End

The program subject to change

Did you know that ants form living “bridges” when they encounter an obstacle? They even build a “raft” out of their own bodies if water crosses their path. Through insightful cooperation, they overcome even situations that seem overwhelming at first.

That is the reason the ant oversees the conference this year. It became our muse.

It symbolizes the connection between the inner strength of the individual and the power at the level of society. Ant colonies are supported by actions of each member of the community. That shows us that even small actions of an individual can affect the functioning of the whole system.

Let the ant be our inspiration in the transition to decentralized structures based on co-creation.

Please accept our sincere invitation to this year’s conference. Come and broaden your horizons and get inspired by experts, pioneers and innovators from many industries. Other “ants” like yourself who will show you how strong you are and how your strength will multiply if you use it in cooperation with others towards a common goal – to elevate the society as a whole. Just like the ants do.

Why did TEDxNárodní change to TEDxPragueCountdown?

The power of collaboration caused this metamorphosis. Surprise, right? :) TEDxPrague team shares our values and tackles the same social issues as sustainability and climate protection. Naturally, we wanted to support each other.

“During the preparations for the TEDxNárodní project, we met with the Prague TEDx community. As TEDxPrague they have been organizing flawless events since the very beginning. Their experience and enthusiasm appealed to us so much that we decided to join forces,” describes Vladimír Dolejš, head of production of TEDxPragueCountdown.

Come and see what we have prepared for you together. See you on 8th June at the TEDxPrague Countdown 2024 – Future of Power conference.

Kampus ČSOB

The conference takes place in the timeless SHQ building of the ČSOB Campus in Výmolova Street. This building received the highest internationally recognized LEED Platinum certificate in the field of design and construction of environmentally friendly and sustainable buildings.

The heating and air conditioning solution is particularly unique. It has its own system of heat pumps – 177 underground wells with a depth of 150 meters and a total length of over 26 kilometers make up the largest system of geothermal pumps in the Czech Republic. It serves for heating and cooling as well as energy storage. The building therefore does not need a classic boiler room. It also has its own rainwater harvesting system and saves drinking water as much as possible.

Modern and gentle technologies can be found in the interior of the building and are also involved in its management. Thanks to Kampus, ČSOB became the first bank to become a member of the Czech Council for Sustainable Buildings.