Get to know those who will expand your horizons this year.


Klára Bělíčková is a climate activist and former spokesperson for the student climate movement Fridays for Future. She works at Re-set, a platform for socio-ecological transformation, where she focuses on issues related to banking and insurance in the fossil fuel industry, as well as campaigns addressing democracy, transparency, and issues connected to the business of Daniel Křetínský’s EPH. She hosts the student podcast MOSHPIT dedicated to current topics of the young generation. Klára is currently in the fourth year of the alternative program of Gymnázium Na Zatlance.


Miroslav Bárta is a Czech scientist, Egyptologist, and archaeologist, whose expedition in Abusir significantly expanded our understanding of ancient Egypt through a series of crucial discoveries. Apart from Egyptology, he is dedicated to the study of civilizations, their rises and collapses from an interdisciplinary perspective. Bárta is the only Czech member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. He is the author of the theory of the Seven Laws of Civilization Development, he is lecturing at numerous universities worldwide, and for Czech and multinational corporations as well. Additionally, he is the founder of the think tank Komplexní společnost.


Zdeněk believes that one should celebrate life in all the forms that the Universe has prepared for him or her and create something beautiful and useful in harmony with the Universe. He started his business in the depths of totalitarianism. Zdeněk and his father were granted exceptional permission to start a business because the communist regime needed their skills in sheep farming. In 1991, he moved back to his grandfather’s confiscated estate and transformed it into a thriving enterprise, now even recognized at the European level. In 2006, he decided on a radical change. He sold everything and began building the ACADEMY in Libchavy. There, with his team, he helps develop companies, schools, and individuals and trains new successful coaches.


Soňa studied psychology in Prague and gathered diverse experiences throughout her professional career. She worked with people in a large factory, as a youth curator she helped resolve critical situations for adolescents, and served as a psychologist in a marriage counseling center. Later, she became the director of day stays for disabled children and youth at the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. She continues to focus on improving the quality of life and integrating disabled people into mainstream society. In 1990, she founded the international creativity and fantasy festival Jašidielňa, followed by the community festival Inter Nos (Among Us).


Liberty Blake Simon is a model, activist, and media personality. She currently serves as a project manager for the Mental Health League, specializing in gender-based violence issues. Through organizations such as UNICEF Slovakia, UNHCR, and UNFPA, she has been involved in various projects aimed at defending and empowering the human rights of minorities and marginalized groups.


Patrik is a consultant in the field of artificial intelligence and the head of the AI Center of Excellence at PwC in the Czech Republic. With over 10 years of experience in data, technology, and artificial intelligence from international projects in Europe and the Middle East, he primarily focuses on multinational clients in the automotive industry, energy, and commerce. He obtained his education in the United Kingdom at the University of Kent and began his career by developing data solutions and data visualization. Later, he transitioned to data management and advisory services in data quality. Currently, he focuses on the upcoming European Union regulation, the AI Act, and helps clients address moral, ethical, and qualitative risks associated with the use of artificial intelligence.


Natalia received an education in medicine and neuroscience, and today she applies it with great passion in creating spaces that positively affect people’s lives. She therefore uses the principles of neuroscience in architectural practice. Thanks to her interdisciplinary approach, she helps to create an environment that increases people’s well-being on a social, psychological and cognitive level. Natalia contributes with her know-how to projects all over the world. She continues to develop and promote human-centred architecture as a co-founder of Venetian Letter and Impronta.


Matej is one of the pioneers of the startup culture and community in Slovakia. In 2011, he won at the Startup Awards and also became the EY technology entrepreneur of the year 2019. He won an award Křišťálové křídlo and Forbes magazine included him in the list of 30 under 30. Matej founded the first co-work in Slovakia (The Spot), launched the first LGBT digital bank (Daylight) in the United States and he is also the co-founder of Vacuumlabs and Vacuum Group, a body of startups and digital agencies in crypto, legaltech and healthcare. In addition to his business, Matej advocates for the improvement of the conditions of LGBT+ people and promotes the values ​​of inclusion and diversity in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, where he’s based at the moment.


Jasna Flamiková studied environmental protection, which remained her lifelong mission. She started by volunteering for the Brontosaurus Movement and as a director she helped develop the ecological Foundation Veronica. Jasna founded charity shops that recycle used items and use part of the profit from sales to support environmental and community activities. Jasna also became a successful politician. She is a representative of the Municipal Council of Brno and Brno-střed she was also deputy mayor for one election term. She focuses on topics of greenery in cities, adaptation to climate change and sustainable transport. She uses her experience in politics to help and couch other active women who are transforming the world towards greater sustainability.

Did you know that ants form living “bridges” when they encounter an obstacle? They even build a “raft” out of their own bodies if water crosses their path. Through insightful cooperation, they overcome even situations that seem overwhelming at first.

That is the reason the ant oversees the conference this year. It became our muse.

It symbolizes the connection between the inner strength of the individual and the power at the level of society. Ant colonies are supported by actions of each member of the community. That shows us that even small actions of an individual can affect the functioning of the whole system.

Let the ant be our inspiration in the transition to decentralized structures based on co-creation.

Please accept our sincere invitation to this year’s conference. Come and broaden your horizons and get inspired by experts, pioneers and innovators from many industries. Other “ants” like yourself who will show you how strong you are and how your strength will multiply if you use it in cooperation with others towards a common goal – to elevate the society as a whole. Just like the ants do.

Why did TEDxNárodní change to TEDxPragueCountdown?

The power of collaboration caused this metamorphosis. Surprise, right? :) TEDxPrague team shares our values and tackles the same social issues as sustainability and climate protection. Naturally, we wanted to support each other.

“During the preparations for the TEDxNárodní project, we met with the Prague TEDx community. As TEDxPrague they have been organizing flawless events since the very beginning. Their experience and enthusiasm appealed to us so much that we decided to join forces,” describes Vladimír Dolejš, head of production of TEDxPragueCountdown.

Come and see what we have prepared for you together. See you on 8th June at the TEDxPrague Countdown 2024 – Future of Power conference.

Kampus ČSOB

The conference takes place in the timeless SHQ building of the ČSOB Campus in Výmolova Street. This building received the highest internationally recognized LEED Platinum certificate in the field of design and construction of environmentally friendly and sustainable buildings.

The heating and air conditioning solution is particularly unique. It has its own system of heat pumps – 177 underground wells with a depth of 150 meters and a total length of over 26 kilometers make up the largest system of geothermal pumps in the Czech Republic. It serves for heating and cooling as well as energy storage. The building therefore does not need a classic boiler room. It also has its own rainwater harvesting system and saves drinking water as much as possible.

Modern and gentle technologies can be found in the interior of the building and are also involved in its management. Thanks to Kampus, ČSOB became the first bank to become a member of the Czech Council for Sustainable Buildings.